2023 Annual Meeting Warning



P.O. Box 174, Underhill, Vermont 05489



The legal voters of the Jericho Underhill Water District are hereby warned to meet at the United Church of Underhill, 7 Park Street, Underhill, Vermont on Tuesday, October 3, 2023 at 6:00 PM to transact the following business:


  1. To elect a Moderator.


              2. To accept the minutes of the 2022 Annual Meeting.


  1. To hear and act upon the reports of the Officers including the reports of the Treasurer, Auditors, and Trustees.


  1. To elect a Clerk.


             5. To elect an assistant Clerk.


               6. To elect a Treasurer.


               7. To elect three Auditors.


               8. To elect a Collector of delinquent water bills


             9. To elect a Trustee for a period of three years


              10. To establish what the District will pay the Clerk.


              11. To establish what the District will pay the Treasurer.


              12. To establish what the District will pay the President and the Trustees for                          expenses.


             13.  To hear Trustees’ report on changes and edits in the District Regulations


             14.  To adopt a Budget to meet the expenses and liabilities of the District.


               15. To discuss any other business thought proper when met.


               16. Adjournment.




Joseph P. O’Brien, President                         _____________________________

                                                                        Nancy Benson, Clerk

Dated:____September 11, 2023____________