July 7, 2020


7:00 PM

** Mount Mansfield Unified Union Office BLDG**

Multipurpose Room (Former Underhill ID School)

10  River Rd

Jericho VT


All board meetings are public meetings and open to the public. The board encourages District voters to attend.


5 minutes         1. Call to Order and Welcome

                                    A. Adopt agenda

5 minutes         2. Review and approval of minutes of previous meeting(s) (Clerk)

                                    A. Monthly meeting:

                                    B. Special meetings: None     

5 minutes         3. Review and approval of financial statements (Treasurer)

                                    A. Monthly

                                    B.  Other                                                                                                                    

5 minutes         4. Customer Comments                                 

A. Customer or their representative present at the meeting

                                    B. Other customer comments. (Board or Staff Member Contacted)

                                    C. Recognition of Guest(s). 


5 minutes         5.   Correspondence. (Clerk)


10 minutes       6.   Operations report. (Chief Operator, Assistant Operator)


15 minutes       7.   Repairs, Maintenance, and Connections. (Chief Operator)


10    minutes    8.   Old Business

                                    A.   Mill Development update

                                    B.  Hydrant work-Painting- estimate

                                    C.  Maple Ridge work

                                    D.  Bartlett Lane 4” line

                                    E.  Allocations

                                    F. Wells and pump updates


20 minutes       9.  New Business

  1.  Billing process/ software
  2. Champlin Mission estimates
  3. Capital Plan review


5 Minutes        10.  Next Regular Meeting Tuesday, August 4, 2020

5 minute          11. Review and Approve Bills.

                        12. Executive session (V.S.A. § 313-section 1 A if necessary)

See attached requirements for building use.

Due to COVID-19, here are the protocols we are asking you and the others in the meeting to follow:


1) Due to the requirement to socially distance, we will have a table set up for you in the multi-purpose room, not the (too small) break room.

2) All meeting participants are required to wear a facial covering while in the building.

3) After the meeting, please use the cleaning supplies that will be provided to wipe down the table.